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A multipurpose plant, valued especially for its essential oil, but also providing food, medicines and a range of commodities. It is widely cultivated in tropical. Abelmoschus moschatus is a weedy, herbaceous plant that is native to India, parts of China and tropical Asia, and some Pacific islands. Abelmoschus moschatus. Malvaceae. Medik. LOCAL NAMES. Arabic (hhabb el misk,anbar bûl); Chinese (ye you ma,shan you ma,huang ku,huang kai); English .

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Natural populations

Management notes for this location. The species is hermaphrodite has both male and female organs and is pollinated by Insects. An emulsion made from the seeds of this plant is considered to be a breath sweetener, an insecticide and when mixed with milk, the emulsion relieves itching [9].

Abelmoschus moschatus is a weedy, moschaus plant that is native to India, parts of China and tropical Asia, and some Pacific islands.

Upper leaves are usually narrower and often arrow-shaped, coarsely toothed, rarely entire, at base nerved. This species may have medicinal properties. Tropical Abelmkschus Database, Ken Fern. An online database that provides taxonomic information, common names, synonyms and geographical jurisdiction of a species.

Leaves variable, usually lobed in various ways, leaf blades about x cm, venation palmate. For a list of references used on this page please go here. Tue Sep 8 It prefers moist soil.

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No more details are given, though the root is likely to have a bland flavour and a fibrous texture. Global Invasive Species Database Species profile: A very small amount of information on distribution and common names. Oil obtained from seeds possesses a musk-like odour that is used in the perfume industry.


Can anybody help me find abdlmoschus of Abelmoschus moschatus Medik. The seeds are used as an insecticide[4, ].

Flowers occur singly in leaf axils. Pacific, Indian Ocean Ecosystem: Easily grown in a rich well-drained soil in a sunny position[]. Calyx bilabiate or 3-lobed, split down one side, hairy. moscbatus

Abelmoschus moschatus Musk Mallow,Musk Okra PFAF Plant Database

The seed is also used as a flavouring for liqueurs or to scent coffee[, ]. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Articles containing Latin-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with Chinese-language external links Taxonbars with 20—24 taxon IDs All stub articles.

Abelmoschus pseudoabelmoschus Blume Walp. Hibiscus pseudabelmoschus Blume Hibiscus ricinifolius Wall. Altitudinal range in northern Australia from near sea level to m. Usually grows in open forest but occasionally found in monsoon forest and vine thickets. Musk Mallow is used as an antidote for snakebites.

Abelmoscnus a friend about this flower! The Global Compendium of Weeds: Year ISBN – Description Very terse details of medicinal uses of plants with a wide range of references and details of research into abelmlschus plants chemistry. When large enough to handle, prick out the seedlings into individual pots of rich soil and plant them out after the last expected frosts[K].

Your comments The flower labeled Musk Mallow is Ambrette Abelmoschus moschatus “. An emulsion from the seeds is considered to be anti-spasmodic and is used externally. Leaves are extremely variable in shape and size, in outline mostly circular to transversally elliptic, at base usually heart-shaped, angular, or palmately lobed.


Ecology, synonyms, common names, distributions Pacific as well as globalmanagement and impact information.

Stem, petiolehypocotyl and upper and lower surfaces of the cotyledons clothed in erect white hairs. Abelmoschus moschatus – Medik. Abelmoschus moshatus in India: Please reply directly to dxb secoin.

Details of Abelmoschus moschatus in information. Gray Hibiscus moschatus Medik.

It is in flower from July to September, and the seeds ripen from August to October. Another report says that extracts of the fruits and upper parts of the plant show insecticidal activity[]. A New Flora of Fiji. Stipules about mm long, filiformclothed in translucent hairs. In abelmoschua to the botanical information the flora also gives basic information on habitat and some uses. In industry the root mucilage provides sizing for paper; tobacco is sometimes flavoured with the flowers.

It is fried or roasted and has a flavour similar to sesame seeds[]. Flowers resemble those of the hibiscus and are usually watermelon pink, although they are sometimes white or cream in colour.

Seeds reniformlongitudinally striated. The oil of the seeds, with a moscgatus musk odor, are also used in the perfume industry now largely replaced by synthetic musk oils and is used to flavor coffee. Plants For A Future can not take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants.