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All this adds up to a price breakthrough in sampling technology – the new Akai SXL. SXL Operator’s Manual Page 1 INTRODUCTION FEATURES. Hi! Is there anybody who have the manuals for the AKAI S and S? I have searched all the net, but came up empty:(I have e-mailed. S Owners Manual download. SI Owners Manual download. SXL Owners Manual download. S Owners Manual.

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Now press JUMP again to toggle you aiai to the sample assign field and select your next sample, press jump, new keygroup, jump, new sample, etc.

Akai S3000

This may also be useful in simulating the tremolo effect found on organs. Pressing tSSSM will display this screen: If you press GO, you may receive the prompt: Manul will note that at a setting of 99, the program is at maximum level but you will not have any velocity sensitivity. In the example of layering strings and piano or the bass synth program, total polyphony will be halved.

OFF, you will be able to monitor any other programs that share the same number. If you are planning to rack mount the hard disk with the sampler, it is recommended you use the ‘padded’ type of rack mount adapter available from most manufacturers of rack and flight cases especially if you are likely to be travelling a lot with the set-up.

Full text of “Akai: SXL owner’s manual”

This toggles between ONE and ALL and allows you to choose between editing either one single keygroup or all keygroups simultaneously. Ive got 10 meg and with carefull handling Ive only run out once but its a pain. You will note that if the parameter is set to full i. If you already have some keygroups in the program and you specifically want to copy, say, keygroup 5, move the cursor to the active keygroup nuhber: This sets how much pressure or aftertouch will affect loudness after a note has been played.


The same thing can be done when editing the END point. This is variable between very slow 01 for such effects as auto panning and filter sweeps and fast 99 for vibrato and other effects.

Studio Manuals – Akai

It is important to remember that, unlike a synthesiser, the SXL has no means of storing sounds in an internal memory. It only discusses the new features for the operating system. Don’t have an account?

Here you may set the overall output level for the program. In this way, if you wish to change the modulation level going to all destinations easily, simply change this parameter. For Khz frequencies, the field is expressed as n k n Hz. Here you may tune and pan your samples.

One of the beauties of the Akai samplers is that there are no restrictions on what you do with samples – any sample can be placed into any keygroup in any program. The default for these parameters is key: With 2nd filter bank installed, a further set of multi-mode filters and a third multi-stage envelope generator are added.

You will receive a prompt asking you if you want to clear the entire nanual. If OFF is selected, then this control has no effect.

This is a very fast way to set up keygroup note spans and a whole program can be set up in seconds!

It is probably not suitable to simulate tremolando strings, however, using LFO modulation. You will receive this screen display: If the information is not displayed on this monitor, the information is not reaching the SXL.


Please copy the akal number into the box to post:. For example, you would want a closed hi-hat to stop an open hi-hat. A bass drum, however, which has very few upper harmonics, could feasibly be sampled at 20kHz.

Deleting samples and programs is ultimately destructive.

Akai S3000XL User Manual

You also have easier control of the respective levels of the programs in the layers. LOAD For loading data into the sampler.

Options 23 posts Page 1 of 2 12 Next. This, of course, is the most drastic of these three options. You will now have the following keysplit: To overcome this, use the RNUM page to renumber programs so that they are better organised for your use.

Here you akxi set the keyboard to track the filter. The best way to learn how this works is to practise; after a short time, it should become second nature. When layering programs in MULTI, identical mod sources in other programs may be inverted for crossfade effects.

You can also use the numeric keypad for this, setting the program number to a value of manuual 1 and these are MIDI specification limits. Repeatedly pressing this will enlarge manaul waveform display until you are looking at individual samples that are an inch wide! Furthermore, the MULTI’s internal mixer allows you to mix the level and pan of each program as well as set its effects send level.

This sets the overall pan position of the program.

With a positive value set here, playing a note hard will introduce a level of modulation which may be augmented using the modwheel or pressure.