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In this bold and provocative new book, the author of In the Beginning and The Reenchantment of Nature challenges the widely held assumption that the world. The Twilight of Atheism has ratings and 42 reviews. In the Twilight of Atheism, Alister McGrath gives readers a historical overview of atheism that includes. The Twilight of Atheism. Why this once exciting and ‘liberating’ philosophy failed to capture the world’s imagination. by Alister McGrath|.

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While McGrath praises postmodernism for being open to religious ideas in a way that modernism never was, there is a sinister corollary to this that is not mentioned: Perhaps I am too cynical, but it seems to me that this is ultimately more condescending to religion because it posits that the ultimate goal of belief is to culminate in a social function not unlike a football game.

Just because I agree with him on the basic facts of atheism does not mean he should get a free ride, but giving The God Delusion to an avowed theist for purposes of review seems like a low blow, hardly worthy of an institution such as Harper’s. You would have to strain to reinterpret his words in the favor of modernity, but how else to describe our current dilemma?

There can be little doubt, looking across the horizons of contemporary society and assuming any objective measure, that the notion of godlessness has reached a nadir. Religion is composed of our core beliefs. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

How can it be any different for an atheist who rejects the idea alisted God? Which seems to me to be a contradiction. Atheism doesn’t have a lot aliater offer, really.


A renewal of traditional faith, a reinvigorated conception of the church in modern society. Dennett’s call for religion to examine its own anthropological baggage is in its fhe way one of the most sly attacks on religious certitude in years certainly more subtle than Dawkins’ treatises.

To reduce atheism to the status of merely a foil for the established religions is not only condescending, but it seriously misreads the motivation of many modern atheists. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of the most intelligent human being toward God.

I don’t see that Atheism has died quite as much as McGrath would seem to believe, but still a good work. Atheism, which means no gods[1], is a particularly curious religion because it is defined by what it is not. McGrath explicitly sees it atheisk The internal structure puzzled me as well. Sep 13, David rated it really liked it.

The Twilight of Atheism – Wikipedia

The decline of modernity and the rise of postmodernism played a part in the critique of atheism too. McGrath is no arrogant theist saying all signs point to God, but he does show that rejection of God is not the default for any person with a brain. He acknowledges in the last chapter that atheism, like theism and religion in general, will continue to be a twliight reality in the West for the foreseeable future. Inthe music twilightt saw amazing reissues spanning rock titans to indie upstarts and electronic to pop of all stripes.

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He remind In the Twilight of Atheism, Alister McGrath gives readers a historical overview of atheism that includes its strengths and its flaws. Yes, many atheists believe that, and, if religious faith did not offer them the understanding of the world they thought was correct or most extensive then this may be a major reason why they abandoned their gods, but it should be obvious that atheism offers only different and far from complete understanding and world-mastery.


Jul 25, Chad Gibbons rated it really liked it. He reads everyone, from Voltaire to Paine to George Eliot, as critics of organized religion rather than actual disbelievers in God. If atheism is on the way out and, as an idea with mass appeal, it most certainly is on the wanethen McGrath takes the opportunity to toss the very notion of modernity into a shallow grave.

To say that atheism is a “protest” is to imply strongly that it will only remain potent as a mass movement for so long as what it is protesting remains an adversarial force — an idea that McGrath makes persuasively throughout the book.

Finally, McGrath sites the fall of modernism and the rise of postmodernism as another reason that atheism is doomed to failure. Good book though; I learned ailster lot, and McGrath’s writing is highly readable. Yet another thought provoking and engaging read by Alister McGrath.

The Twilight of Atheism

But considering how easily these new and controversial ideas allow for a scientific dismissal of religion on the grounds that the human animal has been preconditioned by evolution to believe in external agency in the natural world where none exists, it is easy to imagine that McGrath might shy away from any such an explanation. Dec 18, Pages. But at the atyeism of the day atheism is still mcgratj that, an idea. Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated.

Just like every house must begin with a foundation, these core beliefs, hence religion, are not optional—everyone has them.