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All Just Glass is a novel written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and the seventh book in her Den of Shadows series and her twelfth novel overall. It is the direct. May 8, Sarah Vida has given up everything for love. From a legendary family of vampire- hunting witches, Sarah was raised to never trust a vampire. Dec 22, This sequel to Shattered Mirror () in the Den of Shadows series continues the story of the Vida witch clan and their mortal enemies.

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I now live in Massachusetts with several pets Seeking revenge, her younger brother, Robert, attempts to become a vampire hunter. Volume Three “. Perhaps, because it involves all the characters from Shattered Mirror, which was my second fave of Amelia’s books right after Demon in My View!

Aug 05, Cecilia rated it really liked it. I wonder if Amelia originally wrote this to span a couple of weeks and then at the last minute did a control-f to bring it down to 24hrs and more “fast paced. Eventually, however, I felt I knew the characters; moreover, the plot progressed with some very interesting developments.

All Just Glass

After about a hundred years, he stopped his violent life-style when Nissa begged him for help. Hawksong Snakecharm Falcondance Wolfcry Wyvernhail On July 10, she released her thirteenth novel entitled Poison Tree. And speaking of the characters, they work just as well here.

All Just Glass is the sequel to Shattered Mirror, the story of a vampire hunter and the vampire she falls for, and it picks up right where Shattered Mirror left off.


We are experiencing technical difficulties. Now this book was so good, like amazing. Sarah accepts to stay a vampire, but says that she isn’t ready to be with them yet. The parts where Sarah struggled with her becoming a vampire felt apl to the character but I still felt a disconnect.

Because of Kristopher’s atwater-rohdes absence from killing, most vampire hunters have forgotten about Kristopher and only blame Nikolas for the various killings, including Elisabeth Vida. Inspired atwater-rhodees Your Browsing History.

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes – Wikipedia

But now Sarah IS a vampire—changed by the boy she thought she loved. The times on the chapters also don’t really hold to making sense in the scheme of the book as a whole.

Jun 12, Pages Young Adult Buy. But with those connections, you need to have some manner of bridging the gap.

But when their mother insist that Sarah be found and killed, Adia is given the one assignment she might not be able to carry out. Want to Read saving…. This is a nice idea, but it just ends up dragging the story down, as too much time is spent on the characters own reflections, and not enough progressing the storyline.

On the other hand, I can imagine that for someone who wasn’t familiar with the series, or even just not recently familiar with them, this could all seem very confusing. The other interesting bit is that this book really does just take place in a day.

For other uses, see Shattered Mirror disambiguation. On December 2, atawter-rhodes, in a blog post, Atwater-Rhodes confirmed that the divorce became official on November 1, Read it Forward Read it first. One of the greatest faults I had was with the idea that the characters would be going to a Broadway musical. Delacorte Press, a Division of Random House. The book is mainly written from Sarah’s point of view. Posted Mar 16, I am a fan of different PoVs — they atwarer-rhodes be a great way to add dimensions to a story.


For example, we get a peek inside how the xmelia SingleEarth actually works, how it manages to function as a neutral zone in such a combative world. Part of a legendary family of vampire-hunting witches, Sarah atwater-rhodee raised never to trust a vampire, to never let her guard down, and to avoid all tricky attachments of the heart. Jun 04, Katie rated it really liked it Shelves: Worse, her mother invokes an ancient Vida law that essentially declares war between vampires and witches until Sarah is found.

I don’t understand why this was written over a 24 hour time period and I didn’t even realize that was the case until I was half way through the book.

It moved entirely too slowly and I couldn’t get myself to care about the characters. Though she feeds on humans, she doesn’t kill them.