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Manuals for buderus juno c to download for viewing them online or printout as PDF. Manuals for Buderus Juno 11 download to download for viewing them online or printout as PDF. Buderus Manuals for Support Juno /SF Buderus | GB | Operating instructions | Buderus GB Operating instructions . .. 46 Shut down the heating system using the control unit.

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If the fuse has blown, replace it. The mixer is switched volt-free and can be manually operated. In this case, the radiators are supplied at a higher flow temperature than the underfloor heating system. Ensuring that there is no wall debris present in either ducts slide outer air duct into inner air duct.

Secure any vertical lengths by using a drill and 4 self tapping screws supplied. When the tap is turned OFF the boiler will continue to operate until the hot water tank reaches the temperature set on the Hot Water Tank Thermostat. The pause function is enabled.

NOTICE If a relief valve discharges periodically, this may be due to thermal expansion in a closed water supply system. Notes Logamatic – Subject to technical modifications. Setting the operating mode for DHW circulation. For further explanation please refer to section 4 of this manual.

Does the tank slope at least 20mm per metre of length downwards towards the sludge cock? DWV Terminal for connection of an external 3-way valve. Press “Night mode” to stop DHW heating. Provided your control unit is equipped with the above modules, the following faults may be reported: Some individuals may be particularly sensitive to even low noise levels and this should be discussed before installation.

Buderus GB Operating instructions |

Take one of the mm vertical extensions or mm, fit a Seal to the outer duct, budeerus ensure that the flue exhaust seal is fitted to the inner ducts undamaged and in the correct orientation. If you want to cancel the pause function, call up pause function as described above and turn the 1.11 selector to “0”. Not every home has a room that meets these requirements. Type of gas supply Factory pre-setting of the gas control valve Natural gas Delivered factory-set: Due to the efficiency levels of Camray 5, pluming from the terminals may occur under certain conditions.


Therefore, check whether the doors and windows are correctly sealed. The supply of different flow temperatures to different heating circuits can be achieved by e. It is useful to measure the combustion data, i. Set the thermostat or other operation control to desired setting.

De-scale or replace plate heat exchanger disconnect cold mains to boiler and check for blockages check stop cock fully open.

Typengeprüfte Gebläsebrenner, Heizkessel und Wassererwärmer

It must not be possible for the head to fall closer than 25mm above the top edge of the bath to prevent immersion in it, or the shower must be fitted with an anti-syphon device at the connection to the flexible hose. Avoid close proximity to internal corners where products of combustion may not freely disperse and may enter the air intake to the boiler.

Installation shall be in strict compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Adjust the angle to suit the pitch of the roof. Only after all switching points have been correctly entered, press “Back” to return to the permanent display.

At the same time, the jnuo in all rooms without thermostatic valves increases due to the higher boiler water temperature. What to do if you smell gas z Do not try to light any boiler. If you don’t smell gas, go to the next step. With instantaneous water heaters or combination boilers, DHW is available almost immediately. Naturally, you or your heating contractor can modify 111.1 default settings and adapt them to your individual requirements.


Replace the Control Panel Cover. The pause function starts immediately.

The burner [2] heats the water inside the boiler [1]. Consult local and state codes pertaining to special building code and fire department requirements. Do not use chimney as a raceway if another boiler or fireplace is vented into or through chimney. Contents gauges Screw fill and indepentant vent jkno or capped fill and vent pipes. NOTICE When one expects contaminated combustion air near swimming pools, chemical cleaning operations and hair salonsjujo combustion operation is recommended.

Operating instructions Logamatic 4211

The operating manual is part of the documentation that is delivered to the installation’s operator. Current functions are indicated by LEDs.

If an engineer is not known Boulter will be pleased to provide details of a commissioning and servicing engineer from their register. Advanced control units calculate the temperature required within the boiler the so-called flow temperature subject to the outside temperature. Install a neutralization unit if required by the local code. In position 3 the relevant pump is started.

Adjust hot water control thermostat to maximum position, the tank heat up indicator should be illuminated until it reaches temperature.

Insulation between the liner and an exposed chimney may be necessary to avoid condensation. DHW The permanent display will then appear again.

Ensure the flue exhaust seal is in position and undamaged.