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Chimpanzee Politics has ratings and 75 reviews. Artur said: Chimpanzee Politics by Frans de Waal is an attempt to provide a valid overview of what th. Franciscus Bernardus Maria “Frans” de Waal (born 29 October ) is a Dutch primatologist Links Center at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center and author of numerous books including Chimpanzee Politics and Our Inner Ape. Looking at human society through the lens of animal behavior, de Waal’s first book, Chimpanzee Politics (), compares the schmoozing and scheming of.

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Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex Among Apes

Paperbackpages. Ik heb genoten van dat contact. That itself is problematic, since chimpanzees and other animals in This is a revised version of Frans de Waal’s widely read work “Chimpanzee Politics.

As with human beings, chimpanzee societies are not strictly hierarchical; each member of a group exerts some level of power and influence, and as each of the leading males found out, brute force is not enough to maintain leadership. Additionally he includes infographics about time spent together between Let’s just say I have learned an absurd amount of chimpanzee facts and I love them all and I have made it my favorite pastime to spread these fun facts to all of my loved ones.

To make observations easier, the enclosure had fewer trees and such than in nature that would limit viewing. In other chapter an ape demonstrates that lying does not require human language.

Chimpanzee Politics: Election-Year Lessons On Power And Reconciliation

Peace resumes when relationships are healed between males which is often brokered by the females. Chimpansees lijken in staat om bedoelingen en motieven een beetje te verhullen, maar toch vaak op een wat doorzichtige manier. Often quite ugly to watch, but unavoidably recognizable. Peace is broken when a male attempts to take the throne until he succeeds or admits defeat.


Chimpanzee Politics by Frans de Waal is an attempt to provide a valid overview of what the author believes can be coined as politics among our closest genetic relatives, the chimpanzees. I got totally wrapped up in the stories of power struggles between the Alpha Males of the group and the dynasty powerful female chimps.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. De Waal notes that obviously there will be some differences in the wild versus his observations of the chimp colony at Arnhem, but the vast majority will be similar. I was very popitics to find that it was actually a good book.

Chimpanzee Politics

One thought I was left with at Chimpanzee Politics is a very engaging look into the long-term lives and social interactions within a group of Chimpanzees. It’s fascinating to see how intricate these dynamics are one alpha male takeover took close to 3 months!

First, the public are kept away from the animals so that they cannot feed them. Jun 21, Stephen rated it really liked it Shelves: Such thoughtless things can have profound implications, and yet we dedicate so little attention to this part of human behavior.

Additionally he includes infographics about time spent together between each chimpanzee and times respect was received or given during different alpha male statuses, to name a few. The author references Machiavelli several times, and I think this book is well read in conjunctio Fascinating narrative about social interactions and power struggles in a chimpanzee colony in a Dutch zoo. Retrieved 12 June His book The Bonobo and the Atheist examines human behavior through the eyes of a primatologist, and explores to what extent God and religion are needed for human morality.


De Waal rightly points out that the relative simplicity of islands has allowed naturalists, such as Darwin, to develop ideas applicable to more complex systems. The book came out a good number of years ago, so it’s possible that other books have come out which are based on a broader review of chimp groups.

Bonobos are female-dominant or co-dominant, rather than male-dominant. Chimps are pretty fascinating in that they seem to just incautiously DO what humans use words to describe.

Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. The author mentions the French phrase “Noblesse Oblige”, which means that with wealth power and prestige come responsibilities.

My favorite shocking sentence to tell my friends is “I’m an alpha male. But on November 7th? In a footnote, the author evokes further parallels drawn by another primatologist, Christopher Boehm. In all I think it’s a fascinating book, and anyone interested in where we came from should check it out. Aug 19, Annelie Wendeberg rated it it was amazing.