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Here in this village you may see. Children living happily. Different race and different land. Here we come to understand. One another’s point of view. Learning. Here you can download the Song Book. SONG BOOK. CISV SONG. C F C. Here in this village you may see. F C G. Children living happily. Walters Songbook. Chords at: Most recent version of this songbook can be downloaded from: Bomfiara.

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Today was gonna be the day. Then I got down on my knees.

And brushes her long blonde hair. And their lives will be stronger and free.

You wouldn’t stop to make me feel better. We are all a part of God’s great big family.

It’s hard to see. We all live in a yellow submarine, Yellow submarine, yellow submarine. So complete cusv our love. There’s so much that we share that it’s [G] time we’re aware.


Oh babe I hate to go. There comes a time, when we hear a certain call. I can sail on a windless day.

CISV songbook on Spotify

But I don’t know how. In the wind of cha[G]nge. You may say I’m a dreamer For just a card or just a letter. You were[C7sus]made to go[C7] out and[F]get her. My girl, my girl, my girl talking about my girl, my girl Who can moor without moorings? In the twist of separation you.

Then you wouldn’t have csv say.

Listen to CISV songbook now.

Learning how to love and live. I don’t know, she wouldn’t say.

Don’t carry the [C7]world upon your [F]shoulders. Imagine me and you, I do. E It’s late in the evening.

An August summer night. Feeling your heart beating. It’s hard to get by just upon a smile.

CISV | Denver Song Book

Any way you look at it you lose. On a glory night. That the world was made up of this brotherhood of Man. Is she walking back to me. And all the lights that lead us there are blinding. They all eongbook hands and circled round and a grateful prayer was made.