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Ireland will never be the same after Rawhead Rex, a particularly nasty demon, is released from his underground prison by an Writer: Clive Barker (screenplay). Rawhead Rex is the titular monster from the short story by horror author, Clive Barker, and its film adaptation. The original short story was published in the third . In Volume III, Barker introduced us to Rawhead Rex, a slavering giant one of the menagerie of original horrors borne of Clive’s imagination.

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Ronan Wilmot raahead Declan O’Brien. Then I was Thomas again, bewildered, amazed Even to this day I’ve never received an explanation why I was never consulted over any of the major decisions to change the thrust or details in my original script.

The monster is believed to actually have been worshipped as some kind of god in the time of B.

So then, in a fashion that will no doubt delight students of monsterology, Rawhead Rex could be said to be the progenitor of Pinhead and the order of Cenobites Despite the goofy mask the demon wears, Rex does have some teeth; it earns points for the Rex-urinating-on-willing-priest’s-face scene.


Vincent Smith as Survivor. On the road, Howard’s daughter needs to go to the bathroom, so Howard pulls over red lets her go by a tree. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Everything that could have been wrong with the way that they handled the stuff was wrong.

Rawhead Rex

Displeased by how his material was handled, he moved to directing with Hellraiserbased on his novella The Hellbound Heart. His persistence won out over the troublesome boulder. Lists with This Book. Declan lets out a cry.

Clive on Rawhead Rex

Scott rated it liked it Jan 31, Alas, persistence does not solely reap rewards. It can’t be as bad as Transmutations.

Isaac Gissing Heinrich von Schellendorf Clive Barker is, perhaps, the best non-personal writing instructor I’ve ever had. Retrieved 10 September Oct 22, Heather rated it really liked it.

Finally there’s a nagging sense of cop-out to Rawhead’s defeat, with shades of a wizard did it – you can’t help rawheae that the death by mob ending of the short story would have been far more visceral and fitting.


The Official Clive Barker Website – Rawhead Rex

Mary rated it really liked it Sep 23, Jenny Nicholson Gladys Sheehan Simon Kelly as Neil Johnson. Newer Post Older Post Home. Further details may exist on the talk page. Mark Castellanet rated it liked it Jul 13, Lord of Illusions I love this story.

He touches the altar. Tom Rozek rated it really liked it Feb 02, Jan 23, Eugene Van rated it it was amazing. They got this German ski instructor who was 6′ 3″ with bigger pectorals than Linda Evans – his tits overshadowed his navel.

All he needs is time. His early movies, the shorts The Forbidden and Salome, are experimental art movies with surrealist elements, which have been re-released together to moderate critical acclaim. Berna Labourdette rated it liked it Jul 05, Tricia Warden rated it it was amazing Sep 29,