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Mabel Condemarín 3 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. comprensión lectora. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or. tests: Prueba de Dyslexia Específica (Condemarín & Blomquist, ) and Prueba de Comprensión Lectora de Complejidad Lingüística Progresiva ( Alliende. Recursos de activación mental para incrementar la comprensión lectora: anticipación Al respecto, Pearson, Hansen y Cordón (), en Condemarín ( ).

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El proceso de la lectura: Retrieved June 23,from: On the other hand, outside school, many young people spend much of their time in businesses that provide Internet service cybers, internet cafes and perform various activities with more attractive and participatory options online games, chat, interaction with communications media which do not exactly promote higher-order cognitive skills. The resource contained a set of recreated color images, which were reinforced by explanatory captions and linked to concept maps and comparison charts that organized and supplemented the information.

In the set of propositions, he should also differentiate the main idea containing the subject, from those whose function is to present, extend, support or exemplify it.

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Retrieved May 5,from: Everything indicated that they were deficient conxemarin their ability to evaluate and regulate their reading comprehension.

Of the latter, there were computed hierarchically those of second, third, fourth and fifth order according to their relevance in the text. In previous works we analyzed the dimension of quality, the usefulness of scientific texts Carranza, Celaya and Carezzano,Carranza, Celaya, Carezzano and Herrera, employed in the teaching and learning of different subjects of the degree program in Biology.

The group was made up of a few students skilled in reading comprehension skills, plus several inexpert readers with little capacity to monitor and assess their own understanding. Estrategias para los alumnos del nivel superior.


Retrieved May 10,from: The text recognized a main or central idea and numerous subordinate propositions see Table II. Pearson, Comprenssion, Dole and Duffy have lechora that competent readers possess defined characteristics, among which are notable: The text fragment analysis results belonging to 20 students The participants were third- and fourth-grade students: Reading also is perceived as a process of transaction between the reader and the text Rosenblatt,and the meaning extracted from the latter will depend on the transactions produced between the reader and the text in a specific context Cairney, Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this ccomprension by e-mail.

Retrieved March 17,from: The difficulties of operating with the information in the text. The building block of cognition.

Dondemarin cognitive configuration of an individual is built using her own conceptual structure and the semantic information she obtains from the world and the context. Retrieved October 12,from: As we have pointed out in another study, upper-level students evaluated and monitored their understanding better; however, they developed metacognitive strategies when there was a significant intervention by the teacher III Congress of Anatomy of the Southern Cone, Understanding what is read in the scientific text analyzed here, despite the lack of a good adaptation of the original English version implies that the subject remembers what she already knows, to update and expand the conceptual network.

Revista Electrónica de Investigación Educativa

Most activities are restricted to the use of word processing and searching for information by electronic means. The contribution of the texts to the process of teaching and learning a discipline can be evaluated through criteria that vomprension its analysis and comparison. After an iterative process of testing and adjustments to the survey model used to analyze printed texts Carranza and Celaya ; Herrera, Carranza and Carezzano,we detected in students certain difficulties concerning how to explore and operate with scientific books; this affects academic performance.


The problem could be related to the educational context and the capabilities of those who plan the goals and activities to be used on the computer. In this sense, Areiza and Henao emphasize the fact that many cognitive and metacognitive skills pectora complex mechanisms are deployed at the end of high school and even in graduate school.

As one may expect, inexpert students will be disadvantaged in confronting upper-level studies, since reading and understanding to build the overall meaning of the text is a priority skill that must be mastered, as it is the basis of learning and culture Paris, Lipson and Wixson, However, we often find students who do not understand what they read because they lack reading comprehension skills, among other things.

The structure, organization and design of a scientific text can influence willingness to read it, and interest in the content.

Mabel Condemarín – Wikiwand

Developing expertise in reading comprehension. This research inquired about the effect of a classroom intervention in metacomprehension strategies, specifically self-questioning, on reading comprehension improvement in third and fourth – graders. There are two levels in this process: