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Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at Contax T3 Film Camera User Manual. Bass. INTAY. Instruction manual • Bedienungsanleitung Contax T3 has been designed according to the basic The Contax T3 is a 35mm lens-shutter. Free instruction manuals and owners manuals in pdf for your products Film cameras Contax-T3.

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It also has an ev range that goes right down to 1ev!!

Contax T3, Italian version instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

Thanks for depth of information that you manuual. Reply nubizus June 19, at I would be very thankful for your help! It does though — in nearly the same way as the T2 — feel solid. Hi Hamish, I am wondering if the T3 is still your regular companion or if it has been replaced by something else.

After reading this and now having the manual I expect to be exhibiting my artwork shortly. CF3a will mean exposure compensation is set for one shot, 3b will retain exposure compensation until the camera is turned off, 3c retains the settings permanently until they are changed again manually.

It has scratched the itch I wanted it to. The Contax T3 deals with this frustration by halving the minimum focusing distance to 35cm, which really is quite an improvement.

It is definitely my choice for a carry everywhere camera. Reply Hamish Gill August 30, at 9: I just got a T3 a couple of days ago.

Because it works flawlessly when I need it to, especially at the one thing I need it to intsruction flawlessly at — taking snaps.

Contax T3 Film Camera User Manual

What these numbers mean really is as follows. They both function at the thing I need them to function at for extended periods of time, every day. If that leads you to an anticipation of it being quite good, you would be quite right… It is in fact exceptional.


Loads of lens contrast.

The Contax T3 – A regular companion – 35mmc

I think perhaps the Minolta TC-1 has spoiled me somewhat in this regard; its mode wheel and forefinger driven mode value selector just seems so logical and quick to use.

With the current secondhand prices, I could pick up two and a half Contax Ts for a decent T3. Not to mention the fact that actually, the focal length is wrong with all of those. Ko-Fi allows one off donations Thanks in advance! I have a T3 as well, love it a lot and consider it my regular companion but I am always worried that it will stop working. Again like the Fuji Klasse, the Contax T3 has a menu driven and fairly fiddly to use manual focus. This certainly seems to be the consensus anyway.

I had been wanting a T3 for ages but the bad Aussie dollar kept me from getting it until a mint condition model turned up locally for a great price. Thanks for these thoughts. As such, if you want one, I definitely recommend you give him a shout!

Reply Contax T2 – Just a device? It also has to be depressed to switched back to program mode.

But, and this is the big one for me, when carrying it everywhere, I know that I have a little tool that I can manipulate into doing all sort of other useful things if and when I might need them. These are the self timer and manual shutter speed selection. All these things and more are important.

Do you know anyone near by who could run a roll through it to test? Not having this on the AF-L function is a minor quibble, but I do think it would round off the manual focus functionality of the camera nicely. Thank you for commenting I mention this in the same paragraph as the self timer as without any means of remotely triggering the shutter, the self timer is ideally used in conjunction with the LT shutter modes. I took a picture measuring in a rather dark room at a bright light bulb.


The self timer can also be set between 2 and 10 second modes. After some deliberation I decided to sell it and move to the Contax T3. I assume this is something special? And actually, when I add them all together, there are very few cameras that fit the bill… If any….

The second thing I noticed is that flash photos at night are overall correctly exposed. Support the upkeep of 35mmc 35mmc will always remain free for to read and enjoy.

Contax T3 Instruction Manual

Reply Jason June 18, at The constantly updating exposure information in the viewfinder is much more akin to a bigger camera. Reply Henry August 18, at 9: Patreon and Ko-Fi Patreon allows those of you who would like to support 35mmc on a monthly basis with a small regular donations.

If you store your exposed film in the same box as your unexposed film, CF1a is for you as it winds the leader all the way into the canister.

With the seven custom functions I can set it to work just how I like it for day to day shooting. To instrcution when the camera focuses it is custom function 2. If you would like to read more about the T3, you can find my thoughts […]. Thanks for getting in touch! Alongside this you will see the current setting for custom function 1.

In the case of my Contaxt T3, that default is, and will always be, flash off!