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THE bell rang furiously and, when Miss Parker went to the tube, a furious voice called out in a piercing North of Ireland accent: “Send Farrington here!”. Free summary and analysis of Counterparts in James Joyce’s Dubliners that won’ t make you snore. We promise. “Counterparts” is a short story by James Joyce published in his collection Dubliners. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Background; 3 References; 4 External links.

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Alleyne cry after him that if the contract was not copied by evening Mr. It was no use trying to say a word to him when he was with the chief clerk. Could he ask the cashier privately for an advance? The Sitting Bee, 5 Jul. Alleyne bent his head again upon his pile of papers. He promised to get them in behind the scenes and introduce them to some nice girls.

Dubliners, by James Joyce

Every evening Farrington and his friends take turns buying rounds for each other, spending and consuming, again and again. Alleyne, ever since the day Mr. In the story the abuse of alcohol represents a lack of self- control and feeling of self worth that lead to violence.

The chief clerk glanced at the hat-rack, but, seeing the row complete, offered no remark. For an example, he brought his problems with his boss, Mr.

Your email address will not be published. He perceives Weathers to be no more than a mere counterpartz. The man glanced at the two clients who were standing at the counter as if to intimate that their presence prevented him counterparrs answering.

Dubliners, Counterparts | Essay Writing Service A+

He knew where he would meet the boys: Also there is a sense that Farrington spends a lot of time, every day in public houses. This passage explains the everyday repetitious life of Farrington, and how he needed to escape that kind of a lifestyle.


In Counterparts by James Joyce we have the theme of resentment, failure, powerlessness and paralysis. He tells his youngest son, Tom, to make dinner but as the child lets the fire in the kitchen go out, Farrington’s rage explodes and he starts beating the little child with a walking stick.

Here he halted, puffing with labour and vexation, and knocked.

Farrington was just standing another round when Weathers came back. The head itself was so pink and hairless it seemed like a large egg reposing on the papers. Alleyne would not discover that the last two letters were missing. The man returned to the lower office and sat down again at his desk. Each of his problems follows him wherever he goes.

He took up his pen and dipped it in the ink but he continued to stare stupidly at the last words he had written: Farrington gazed admiringly at the plump arm which she moved very often and with much grace; and when, after a little time, she answered his gaze he admired still more her large dark brown eyes. Sarah from studyhippo Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? The man sat down heavily on one of the chairs while the little boy lit the lamp.

Counterparts (short story) – Wikipedia

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The curate brought him a glass of plain porter. As with a lot of stories in Dubliners, Joyce also appears to be attacking the Catholic Church.

This page coumterparts last edited on 2 Marchat Yet he must get money somewhere or other: Throughout the story Farrington was feeling trapped and wished to escape that lonely and miserable feeling. The story recounts an evening in the life of a man named Farrington, frequently referred to simply as “the man”. Dubliner stories by James Joyce short stories.


Alleyne gets angry at Farrington, yells at him, and ends up embarrassing him in front of a Miss Delacour, which makes Farrington feel even more miserable.

Counterparts (short story)

They began to exchange stories. Taken from his Dubliners collection the story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator and some readers will recognise that Joyce, through the use of the title of the story, is suggesting to the reader the idea of repetition. Again Joyce may be suggesting the heavy reliance of Irish people on the Catholic Church.

He felt savage and thirsty and revengeful, annoyed with himself and with everyone else. Of course he dublinerz to join in with the others.

The term counterparts refers to the copy or duplication of coubterparts legal document. Alcohol plays a key part in his depression and is the highlight of his day, it is the reason for him to pawn his watch and spend his remains on alcohol.

Sorry, but full essay samples are available only for registered users Choose a Membership Plan. This address in the presence of the public, his run upstairs and the porter he had counterparta down so hastily confused the man and, as he sat down at his desk to get what was required, he realised how hopeless was the task of finishing his copy of the contract before half past five.