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Buy Forteresse Digitale (Ldp Thrillers) by Dan Brown (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. : Forteresse Digitale: Befriedigend/Good: Durchschnittlich erhaltenes Buch bzw. Schutzumschlag mit Gebrauchsspuren, aber vollst√§ndigen . Forteresse Digitale by Dan Brown at – ISBN – ISBN – France Loisirs – – Softcover.

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I think these days, a lot of people know the Eigitale but apparently, there was a point in time when no one knew what the NSA was. Looks like Strathmore was the only person who knew his stuff. Did anyone get to solve the code at fortereese end of the book? A very interesting book. The NSA has learned that a guy who used to work for them but got fired has created an “unbreakable” encryption algorithm. Some spoilers Once in a time in a far away and almost magical country named U.

Forteresse Digitale

She was the head of Crypto, we know, and she was beautiful, we also know. The character descriptions are awful, and in addition to that, I find there are too many characters and they are all too vague.

They are both just sooooooooo attractive and sooooooooo smart. Brown is currently at work on a new book as well as the Columbia Pictures film version of his most recent novel. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I like Dan Brown definitely not for his literary prowess, i.

This bordered on a Harelquin Romance extravaganza! Being a fan of Dan Browns works and having an interest in computers, I thought Digital Fortress would be the match for me. Maybe this is because I know something about computers and cryptography. Computer science does not seem to be doing good for this author. The forteresee is suspected to have the code that unlocks Digital Fortress.


He reads history and current events fprteresse incorporates those to his plot. As mentioned above, the writing style is pretty cheap. I think this was possibly my least favorite book by Brown. End of book, he WAS the bad guy. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The agency is determined to stop Digital Fortress from becoming a threat to national security. This is one of the two stand alone novels authored by Dan Brown; other forteresze the Deception Point.

Besides my previous complaints, the main plot had my attention, after all. You can almost see the plot unfold before you actually read it. Hale holds Fletcher and Strathmore hostage to prevent himself from being arrested for the murder. This book was recommended to me by a coworker. Compared to his Da Digotale Code series, the research on this book was terrible.

But the crazy one, who is so obviously into you, you don’t see?

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Aside from that, I hoped the short chapters would reflect the pace of the story and seem quick and snappy to keep the tension up, but instead it made the story drag on too much. As you understand this is a book With lots of similarities With the game cod for thoose of you you who are gamers. Brown went with his writing. The guy encrypted it using his own “unbreakable” algorithm and posted it on the internet for anyone to download for free.

Trivia About Digital Fortress. The best of the best, most amazing mathematicians and cryptographers ever. The impossible just takes longer.

I just think that from now on, I’ll take my gluttony in smaller doses. The characters are thinly sketched, hardly explored.

Forteresse Digitale by Brown, Dan

The main character Susan was described with such long and such slick legs, such large and such perfectly rounded forteressee and digitzle wonderful and such perfect hair, digitae in the end, my mental image of her was an out of proportion, too tall, dititale skinny, too overdressed, silly looking and perfect It is some different from the Religious tact he takes on some of his other works. View all 5 comments. Any sort of romance, love connections etc. View all 3 comments.


It was a good one that Dan Brown started his career with. But it must be said that its an adventure less compelling than The Da Vinci Code, even more contrived; devoid of interesting characters but plagued with dead ends, ineffective repetitiveness, empty journeys. See all 17 questions about Forteresse Digitale…. The NSA has learned that a guy who used to w This book was recommended to me by a coworker.

Return to Book Page. Somehow he actually finds them, who say they don’t have it, they sold it to a punk girl with red, white and blue hair.

Forteresse Digitale by Dan Brown (2 star ratings)

I couldn’t feel that much disgust because of how ridiculous it felt. I liked the book, cryptography is something that always amused me and Digital Fortress took it to another level! Until you get to about eight o’clock at night, and your body has reached a point that is beyond satiation.

You eat it, and you find yourself regretting it almost immediately. Or maybe at the end of the day the author was being perfectly realistic and it was a well-written book and it’s just this ear infection giving me the headache and not the book.

So that means that in 20, top an hour, it will go through all the possible keys available in 64 bits he also confuses 64 bits and 64 characters a lot.