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OK Guys, I am attempting to build the Halinski Bismarck in 1/ scale. Since most of you seem to be nice guys I am taking this chance that you. Bismark, Halinski, , CaƱones mm 8 unidades, mm 12 unidades, mm 16 unidades, 37 mm 16 unidades, 20 mm 18 unidades. Fabricante. First off, thanks for the link. As for modeling or art, I would say both. I have this model and I must say the book is amazing, but even though I’ve.

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I’ll be watching – I think you’ve won the hardest fight already if you have a place to put a model that big. The Halinski Bismarck is 1: Posted by cplchilly on Wednesday, June 16, Kind of depressing though, a bismmarck which I will never achieve.

Jun 23, Messages: Paul “A man’s GOT to know his limitations.

Bismarck – wow!!!

Could not quite fit the deck or the keel on a sheet of plywood, had to angle it. Our bedrooms are smaller than those on the US mainland some are smaller than 10’x10′. Find all posts by airdave. Jun 26, Messages: Thanks for the link Mark.


Halinski Bismarck 1/100 Scale

I’ve seen plastic kits that didn’t look that good. By signing up you may also receive reader surveys and occasional special offers. Member since January, From: Aug 25, Messages: I usually tape two pieces of paper together and print oversize parts. German’s are still very sensitive about the swastika so Bismadck had to cover it up you will note.

I have this model and I must say the book is amazing, but even though I’ve been modeling for over 30 bisjarck, experienced with plastic, wood, metal and now been building card for over 5 years, I find this a bit ‘scary’.

May 7, Messages: The HMV is 1: Login to remove ads.

I’m just finishing up a paper P Mustang from Halinski 1: Shameless plug – My build is on the ‘net at Build the Bismarck if anybody is interested. D That’s why it is art Posted by fightnjoe on Monday, June 21, 3: Order Ascending Order Descending. I got to know Ralf at www. User Name Remember Me? I totally agree here Dave. So that was an 8’ plywood sheet! I hope when I run across a problem someone will offer some help. Thank you for sharing.


First off, thanks bismarc the link.

Looking forward to this one. Posted by scottrc on Wednesday, June 16, 9: Frank KelleAug 29, Haoinski had no idea I would stir up such commentary. Yes, it isn’t just a paper model but an art!

Halinski Bismarck 1/ Scale | Zealot

I’m really looking forward to reading this thread. Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, June 16, 4: All times are GMT Wow, this will be fun to watch.

Find all posts by ct ertz. Originally Posted by strk. Mar 1, Messages: The hull seems to be the sticking point for most myself included Chris. Send a private message to medved. That looks like one hell of a project.