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Harold Bloom’s list of the Great Books from the Western Canon. Read a free sample or buy Il canone occidentale by Harold Bloom. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Information is endlessly available to us; where shall wisdom be found?” is the crucial question with which renowned literary critic Harold Bloom begins this.

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Please link to this page instead. That is blomo bloom demonstrates. It’s almost as though he wants his readers to be totally aware that occidentalw is in line with his heros, Bacon, Johnson, and Emerson.

Even deeper, though, it explicitly describes how we become connected to a story, a character, a moment. I’m not saying that’s the right interpretation of the essence of the Western literary tradition either, but it’s fascinating how he feels so justified in getting upset about the fact that the professors of hip-hop; the clones of Gallic-Germanic theory; the ideologies of gender and of various sexual persuasions; the multiculturalists unlimited” p.

This section is wide-ranging and not arranged chronologically, and because blkom proceeds topically it is easier for the reader to follow his insights when he compares and contrasts poets whom at first blush might not seem to be related.

But it is utterly pretentious of him to assume, as he constantly does, that he is the voice of Western culture.

Oh, and he also hates Harry Potter and popular culture in general. Bloom’s writing style is overly lofty, and extremely hard to read. This is one of my absolute favorite books. View all 35 comments. Fair enough, and enough said already, Harold. Consigliato al Club Amici di Shakespeare.

Bloom. Western Canon

He is the parasite suckling the sweet nectar of the gods out of the wide expanse of literature. How can one resist such bon mots as these: I read further and discovered there was much more to him, the last genuine Literary Critic. Italian, Spanish, English, French, and German. Information is endlessly available to us; where shall wisdom be found?

View all 8 comments. Non a caso, uno dei migliori, se non il migliore. If you share this mantra, then you will enjoy The Western Canon. I thought I was craving insight, that I was always on the edge of discovery. Muy interesante punto de vista de Harold Bloom.


National Book Critics Circle Award The Democratic Age “I have located Vico’s Democratic Age in the post-Goethean nineteenth century, when the literature of Italy and Spain ebbs, yielding eminence to England with its renaissance of the Renaissance in Romanticism, and to a lesser degree to France and Germany. If you have read and enjoyed most of the books discussed, pick up the book and read it to reminisce with a fellow reader and you are bound to enjoy most parts of it.

Quotes from The Western Canon Finding myself now surrounded by professors of hip-hop; by clones of Gallic-Germanic theory; by ideologues of gender and of various sexual persuasions; by multiculturalists unlimited, I realize that the Balkanization of literary studies is irreversible. View all 9 comments. This list may not include your favorite author, but he or she may be on other Great Books lists.

Bloom worships Shakespeare too. How does reading turn into experiencing?

Why do we keep reading Shakespeare, Dante, Cervantes, and Tolstoy? Look, the book was inoffensive enough, just a bit odcidentale. Il difetto principale del libro resta l’ossessivo riduzionismo. Everything begins and ends cqnone Harold Bloom with Shakespeare; there are none who go before or after the Bard. If you, reader of this review, can make sense of the quote above, you will perhaps gain much by reading the book. He sometimes approaches his subjects with too much esoteric, gnostic knowledge, leaving the reader either bored out of his mind or floundering in utter confusion: In this later volume, he looks at the different forms of literature — the short story, poetry, the novel and the play — and within each section he explores a number of authors that cocidentale sees as eminent and original.

View all 5 comments.

Sconsigliato a chi cerca di motivarsi alla lettura. I finally had to read Bloom because he seems to irritate so many people. There is a quote from the introduction to this book which says: His work is compelling in its comprehensiveness, but his conservatism, and more significantly, his anger towards all those who do not share his ideology, is off-putting.

There are so many more languages, cultures and identities that should be represented in an institution that claims to lay down the essence of human cultural life, but I guess it’s difficult to hear after a few thousand years that claim the opposite, that you’re just not that special, important and unique after all. Jan 19, Tim rated it liked it. Now, at a time when faster Information is endlessly available to us; where shall wisdom be found? Might not the same argument be made about Oedipus, and might not this issue be nearly universal?


Want to Read saving…. It does not teach you how to read books but it is an exercise on how to talk about books you have read, how to love them, how to re-read them and how to reminisce about those old companions in the most intelligent and enamored fashion. I read this while doing Literary Studies in university.

How to Read and Why

Bloom just rants about dreary feminists and multiculturalists who force us to read b-a-a-d books. In this and in the remaining lists, I sometimes do not mention individual works by a canonical master, and in other instances I attempt to call attention to authors and books that I consider canonical but rather neglected.

So he decides to fight DNF after a good pages and the final chapter. So he decides to fight “the politics of multiculturalism” and the alleged redundant political correctness of modern views on literature that have caused the “degeneracy of literary studies” by claiming that the reason why the white European males dominate the traditional literary canon is because they have a truth and occideentale genius within them that women, people of colour, those of “various sexual persuasions”, and other minorities just don’t have.

Not only is this extremely odd from an aesthetic viewpoint, since the Land of Poets and Thinkers has produced FAR better, but Freud is a psychologist and social scientist!!!

Sembra che per lui le posizioni degli altri critici derivino da mode passeggere, mentre le sue da convinzioni ragionate che resisteranno nel tempo vedi p.