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Wow. I really hope Nikon can fix this quickly .. “Thus, because of the apparent widespread nature of the problem and Nikon’s response to it. Nikon Ds — avoid; even a D is a better camera today; Nikon D — Recommended (best all-around ILC ); Nikon D Simple question to those that have purchased the D/E ebook by Thom Hogan if you’ve read through it, do you think it was worth getting.

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The ones with the problem voiced their concerns and the ones without the problem shouted them down that the D is perfect and if you’re taking out-of-focus pictures it must be user error.

Nikon DSLR Reviews | Cameras and Photography Explained | Thom Hogan

I don’t know about this particular case with the D, but there is value to information sharing whether from a prolific writer or group forum discussion. May Nikon News Offense or Defense?

Though I bought it in April, my local camera shop, where I bought it, just yesterday swapped it out for a new one! There’s no reason for Thom’s statement to be considered controversial.

Only then did a member of the senior management at Nikon write and apologise for failing to respond to at least two letters. How do I stack teleconverters? Does hogwn laser light shows damage a sensor?


I think that’s what Thom had in mind: Those numbers probably deflated you a bit. Why isn’t it being complained about?

The D model then anti aliases the second axis before delivering the jogan through to the sensor. Since I got my D I’m making pictures of breathtaking clarity and detail. Failure to pay a probaby huge civil court fine sends you to the pokey too.

Nikon is not a small company and there are a lot of users out there.

Spike’s Photos

I was one of the first ones to buy it. I’m much happier to read “I’ve seen some problems, do with that information what you will, I feel obliged to warn my readers” than “this piece of camera kit is absolutely perfect”. Ha the OP has no stream hmmmmm????

Do you ever update your works? Whole continents have been colonized with this way of thinking.

Thom Hogan’s Guide to the Nikon D | Spike’s Photos

What I’m seeing is that the better the lens, the better the AF performs. While there can be as much consensus as controversy, the end decision should be made by d80 individual through critical analysis uogan technical matters should be fact-based and not perception-based. Who moved my cheese? It’s comical watching them getting frustrated over simple things when reality sets in. Why does the green channel go up in a UniWB file? Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited.


Thorough explanations lead to deeper understanding with less effort.

I’ve followed this for a few days and you’re nuts to be higan up in arms about this book. Time for another humor interlude.

But maybe your subjects and requirements are different from mine.

How are the items produced? One nice thing we Nikon users have appreciated over the years is Nikon’s dedication to legacy support. So for very high contrast landscapes, I shoot just like I did with the D3x UniWB to get highlights positioned rightbut I can generally pull up shadow detail better than I could with s800 D3x. All this is troubling me after blowing a large amount v800 cash!!

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