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Imię wiatru. Front Cover. Patrick Rothfuss. Dom Wydawniczy QR code for Imię wiatru. Title, Imię wiatru. Volume 1 of Author, Patrick Rothfuss. Translated by. Imię wiatru Books by Patrick Rothfuss. Kvothe to czowiek legenda. Wielki mag, geniusz muzyki, bohater i zoczyca – namwiony przez Kronikarza – wspomina swe . Imi? Wiatru by Patrick Rothfuss Jan Kar?owski. Read and Download Online Unlimited eBooks, dzieci stwa sp dzonego w Imi wiatru Patrick Rothfuss PDF Free.

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Not represented, because they were always developed, but I definitely thought some objectification was going on. Toate personajele din aceasta poveste au evoluat destul de mult pana acum.

I love wisecracking clever guys who are good at everything and make you want to root for them. Mi-a placut ,desi s-au intamplat cateva lucruri care mi s-au parut un pic prea exagerate pentru mine. Da,il iubeste pe Geralt. This story was, simply put, excellent.

Tiempo de odio by Andrzej Sapkowski (5 star ratings)

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. O poveste fascinanta cu personaje impresionante,capabile de orice doar ca sa se apere sau ca sa ii apere pe cei dragi. I liked the start of the story. Si oricat de mult s-ar straduii nu poate sa ramana neobservata.

Ciri who is young, scared, and curious is kind of into it for a second, which happens to people and makes sense, but Mistle totally took advantage of her. So, in the second half of the book we, as the reader, got to see real-life problems that we women face every day, a character got her period!

Abia astept sa aflu cum o sa se termine si daca Emhyr castiga sau cineva o sa ii vina de hac. I …more It depends on the speed you encounter it. There you will feel what I felt.


Jul 23, Oana D. I know, crazy that I am happy about a character finally getting her period but it just made me feel so good seeing that not only are the characters facing life or death but also all these mundane problems.

Imię wiatru (Kroniki królobójcy, #1)

I understand this is fantasy, so it’s gotta have the ponderous, stentorian, “And Twas it Was that Haldorian Son of Keoth-Arbalith Returned to the Great Stone Tower of Gothalas to embrace his weeping elven bride” Tolkien vibe, and that Rothfuss was a substitute high school teacher all his life and didn’t graduate from the much-touted Iowa workshop with an awesome literary degree of MFA awesomeness, but jesus, put a cap on it, please?

That may seem like a con to most people but I honestly found the book to be warmly welcoming in its calm nature. However, it isn’t all bad. And yes there are evil ones, but that’s the way of a great book.

How did he find the proper balance for all those factors? That so many people do seem to see the comparisons just makes me shake my head in wonder – because either they’re seeing things that aren’t there, or I’m very myopic when it comes to my beloved Harry Potter.

To be sure, Rothfuss is very self-conscious about his story-making. I especially liked how whilst I was playing the game Geralt and Yen kissed and then as soon as I picked this book back up they kissed a couple pages into me reading it. I’m an academic, geeky type myself. I wished we would’ve seen more of him and he was more fleshed out, as opposed to just being vague and abstract.

I immediately bought it and I’m just blown away.

I have no idea but I am just so invested in this world that I count that as fate. Was there anything wrong with it? Rothfuss wrote The Name of the Wind over the course of a decade or more. The real man has hidden himself away at an inn in the middle of nowhere with his apprentice Bast – we know not why – and it’s not until the Chronicler discovers him there that he shows any interest in reliving his past life.


Dar,in ciuda acelor lucruri,trebuie sa recunosc ca intr-un fel povestea nu ar fii la fel fara ea,mai ales ca ajuns sa fie un personaj cheie in toata nebunia asta. Patrick Rothfuss is a master craftsman with words and his prose deserves the highest of praise from me. She obviously likes him a lot but there are so many things that make it impossible to have a relationship with him and she constantly seems to be drawn to other men.

The Name of the Wind is his coming of age tale, covering his life from the time he was eight years old up to his fifteenth year.

The Time of Contempt

According to one interview, Rothfuss spent 14 rothfus working on this trilogy, and it shows. Book Club 8 – Witcher Time of Contempt. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Avand un final destul de ciudat in al doilea volum,am crezut ca nu o sa aflam prea multe lucruri despre Geralt in aceasta carte,fapt care mi-a dovedit ca orice ii arunca soarta in cale,Geralt nu renunta niciodata.