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libro de la superficie oclusal anatómica de la arcada superior como inferior de la cavidad bucal .. Neurofisiología de La Oclusión (Copia de NXPowerLite). La superficie oclusal anatomica. Book. La superficie oclusal anatomica. Book. 0 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get. La Superficie oclusal anatómica: atlas e instrucciones de trabajo by Enrico Steger(Book) 4 editions published between and in Spanish and held by.

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Color acceptance of direct dental; retoratives by human observers. Assessing dentin color changes from nigthguard vital bleaching. Supports were applied to the occlusal contacts. Phys Med Bio ; Personal cange resulting from porcelain venner treatment to improve the appearance of the teeth.

Impact of demographic, behavioural and dental care utilization parameters on tooth color and personal satisfaction. For the top and back cutting plane, constraints were used.

A comparision of a new and conventional methods for quantification of tooth color. Strain gauge analysis of the frontozygomatic region of the zygomatic complex.

Our VMS distribution presented stresses at the orbit contour, especially at the lateral margin and superciliary arch. J Prev Dent ; 2: J Estheti Dent ; The low tensile stress on the floor and high tensile stress at lateral wall, confirm that resultant occlusal forces of the masseter muscle contraction is non-uniformly distributed through the zygomatic pillar.

A survey of finite element analysis in orthopedic biomechanics: Tetracycline discoloration, enamel defects and dental caries in patient with cystic fibrosis. Comp Continuing Education in Dentistry ; Sundell S, Koch G.


Inherited defects in tooth structure. Symmetry conditions were placed at the mid-sagittal plane. Qintessence Int ; Assessing mechanical function of the zygomatic region in macaques: Application of mechanical loading resultant to the masseter muscle contraction showed two lines of tensile stress at the maxillary sinus walls.

Tratamiento de las tinciones bacterianas: Es un hecho conocido que con el paso del tiempo se oclusap un oscurecimiento de los dientes, volviendose mas amarillos Fig. Adsorption from black tea and red wine onto in vitro salivary pellicles studied anayomica ellipsometry. El tratamiento es realizar el tratamiento znatomica correcto y posteriormente el blanqueamiento interno.

Se ha expuesto como el observador es un factor muy importante y variable y como podemos disminuir la subjetividad del mismo. A non-uniform stress and strain distribution supports the discussion about the presence of resistance bone structures due to different non-mechanical factors Hylander et al.

C Load dissipation along the skull pillars. A proposed classification for heritable human dentine defects with a description of a new entity.

Green pigmentation of deciduous teeth: Anatomical from defines color: Visualizing the natural dentition. A three dimensional finite element stress analysis of angled abutments for an implant placed in the anterior maxilla.

J Prosthet Dent ; Statistical estimators of frontal sinus cross section ontogeny from very noisy data. BMC Public Health ; 5: Role of tooth pa in the cleaning of teeth.

La Superficie oclusal anatómica: atlas e instrucciones de trabajo – Enrico Steger – Google Books

Experimental studies on the mechanical significance of the form of the human facial skeleton. Eisenberg E, Bernick SM. B The high stressarea is characterized by tensile stress indicated by the arrow. Distribution of stress and strain produced in the human facial skeleton by the masticatory force. J Am Dent Ass ; Aguilo L, Gandia JL. Maximum principal stress showing the tensile positive and compressive negative stress.


To facilitate the understanding of the stress patterns along the zygomatic pillar, 7 points was defined and marked with the stress values Table II. The structural rigidity of the oclussl of Australopithecus africanus: Dental discolorations and side effects with iron and placebo tablets. A oclksal de que los dientes son altamente resistentes al cambio de temperatura cuando el calor excede ciertos grados, se produce un cambio de color tanto en el esmalte como en la dentina.

Steger, Enrico

Tooth color and reflectance as related to light scattering and enamel hardness. This paper aimed to analyze stress distribution in human zygomatic pillar during masseter muscle contraction using three-dimensional finite element analysis. Podemos encontrar lesiones blancas Anatomiac. Stress line indicates distribution of stress from maxilla toward the frontal and temporal bone. Pneumatized spaces, sinuses and spongy bones in the skulls of primates.

Colour physics for industry, H.