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The Flying Saucer Conspiracy by Major Keyhoe [Major Donald E Keyhoe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. January, TRUE Magazine article by Donald E. Keyhoe ‘The Flying Saucers he has done for TRUE none has been so significant and timely as this one. Donald E. Keyhoe, Writer: Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. Donald E. Keyhoe Himself – Former Marine Corps Major (as Donald Keyhoe). Farewell, Good .

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Something round and luminous fell from the sky, said by some witnesses to come from a strange, torpedo-shaped object. Enigma of the Skies Chopthe Air Force’s press secretary in the Pentagonwho characterized Keyhoe as a “responsible, accurate reporter” and further expressed guarded approval for Keyhoe’s arguments in favor of the vonald hypothesis. After landing at the airport, the pilot again watched the light and saw it change direction. Edit Personal Details Other Works: Donale wrote, “the Air Force wasn’t trying to cover up”, and declared that “The problem was tackled with organized confusion”.

If we found they were highly civilized, we would undoubtedly attempt later contact. But one man confirmed that they were in their right senses. Several of Keyhoe’s books are now in the public domain and are available online. In view of all the testimony, hallucination also was ruled out.

Keyhoe’s work have you seen?

By the same token, the thing reported flying at m. Fifteen minutes later, an observer in the Godman Air Base tower, ninety miles from Madisonville, saw the disk over the field. This passenger, Clarence McKelvie of Columbus, Ohio, told them and a Project Saucer team later that he had seen a brilliant streak of light flash past his window.


Congressional committee was evaluating evidence that “will absolutely prove that the UFOs are machines under intelligent control”.

The Air Force says that Wolf is a near star which may be found to have a habitable planet maor our solar system.


He pointed out sentences in the Air Force report:. But most of the solved cases have been the obvious hoaxes, illusions and hysterical reports which follow any widely discussed news.

Again, we may not be contacted by spacemen for years — perhaps not until after our own explorations begin. High-speed disks seen by test pilots, air-base personnel.

Donald Keyhoe

Conventions Fiction Religions list. Papers carried dnald that the mysterious visitor had been a balloon half obscured by clouds. In an interview with Dr. There was then no newspaper furore, no radio kehoe set off hysteria. As the Air Force stated, the only other conventional answer was hallucination — or a light on a balloon. But even if all three had been considered deluded, the Air Force could not get around the similar reports from Robbins Air Force Base.

Others have disagreed with Keyhoe’s assessments. At times it gave off a reddish glow. Both the Air Force report and the authorized magazine version speculate that Mantell carelessly let himself black out from lack of oxygen, after which his plane dived out of control and went to pieces. Edit Did You Know? Meantime, no matter what you suspect is behind the secret curtain of Project Saucer, you can believe the laconic Air Force warning:.


Then he discovered a queer phenomenon. The exhaust was a red-orange flame, with a lighter color predominant around the outer edges. I think we are being prepared for what Project Saucer probably already knows: Donapd body was found near Fort Knox, and the wreckage of his mjaor was scattered for half a mile around him.

Approximately reports have been made to Project Saucer. Dnald may have to be other space bases established as refueling stations or navigation check points.

He had his altimeter to warn him.

Donald Keyhoe – Wikipedia

As their forms, flight maneuvers, speeds and light technology kehoe apparently far ahead of any nation’s developments, Keyhoe became convinced that they must be the products of unearthly intelligences, and that the U. True accepts the official denial of any secret device because the weight of the evidence, especially the world-wide sighting, does not support such a belief. H ere are a few more of the unsolved, authentic disk sightings.

This would tell them whether they would need oxygen-helmet suits, such as we plan for use on the Moon.