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Part Number: 74LS, Maunfacturer: Motorola, Part Family: 74, File type: PDF, Document: Datasheet – semiconductor. These 8-bit shift registers feature gated serial inputs and an asynchronous clear. A low logic level at either input inhibits entry of the new data, and resets the first. This 8-bit shift register features gated serial inputs and an asynchronous reset. The gated serial inputs (A and B) permit complete control over incoming data as a.

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Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which damage to the device darasheet occur. Replacement Transformer Started by ncag 6 minutes ago Replies: Media New media New comments Search media.

All diodes are 1N or 1N Low Level Input Current. This doesn’t seem right. Same with ‘cleaning’ capacitators. Again this is due to the fact that the clock pins is floating, use a pullup. This works even with a tiny wire, so I hope that capacitance is not the issue.

Functional operation should be restricted to the Recommended Operating Conditions. I’m a software guy, who is now trying to get a little bit into circuits, just for fun. All inputs are diode- clamped to minimize transmission-line effects.

Where this voltage is coming from, I don’t know.

(unwanted) ‘magic’ happening with 74LS164 shift register

Search field Part name Part description. Fully Buffered Clock and Serial Inputs. I have this lingering gut-feeling that I there is something very basic that i am not understanding What is the standard way of doing this? Now that that’s cleared up: Read the above entry d it seems that the LS type ICs are famous for their floating voltages and sensitivity – datasheeet there some other type of IC that might be more forgiving for a beginner?


If I understood the datasheet’s diagram correctly, there’s an AND gate on the two input pins, so I think both have to datssheet high – but that doesn’t really matter, since I simply connected the two together. To participate you need to register.

This seems to contradict any basic understanding of physics I thought I had. A high level input enables the other input which will then determine the state of the first flip-flop. High Level Input Current. If you just ‘hook things up’ as the ‘so call experts’ state you will get the problems that datashedt are experiencing.

But with the inter-IC connection, I think my brain is still not in gear: Low Level Output Voltage.

74LS 8-bit Shift Register IC | Jaycar Electronics

So when you push the switch the ‘A’ pin goes low and when you release the switch the ‘A’ pin goes high, giving a high 74ls16 clock edge which is whats required by the LS Welcome to our site! Data at the serial inputs may be changed while the clock is high or low, but only information meeting the setup requirements will be entered clocking occurs or the low-to-high level transition of the clock input.

The whole thing is, as many have predicted, incredibly sensitive to just about anything. Low Level Input Voltage. Thank you very much for that diagram – although I think I have none of the components you added at hand and I hope they sell them here!


That didn’t nudge the 1. Daatsheet, I wanted to add that: You do not require pull downs. My problem is that nothing seems to work, and, even worse: Search field Part name Part description.

Output Short Circuit Current. You must log in or register to reply here. Electro Tech is an online community with overmembers who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets.

A high level input enables the other input which will then determine the state of the first flip-flop. Not more than one output should be shorted at a time, and duration should not exceed one second.

74LS Datasheet(PDF) – System Logic Semiconductor

Propagation Delay Time, Reset to Q. When I switch on the lights in my house, this often triggers the dtasheet. I am a complete beginner, so please excuse any incredibly stupid mistakes i made! So, my next iteration of this thing is definitely going the pull-UP route. Low Level Output Voltage.

Thanks, and sorry that this post got rather lengthy. IF the pin is NOT being used for any function, ie: