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Photocoupler s Features. 1. Current transfer ratio PC Anode mark. PC Internal connection diagram. PC PC PC PC PC PC 1. Notice The content of data sheet is subject to change without prior notice. In the absence PCXNNSZ0F Series contains an IRED optically Photocoupler. Dual-in-line package: LTV 1-channel type. LTV 2-channel type. LTV- 4-channel type. * Wide lead spacing package: LTVM: 1-channel type.

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The firehose by day and forty beers by night, An engineer may never sleep and still be just as bright. The alcohol never solved anything, but neither did water or milk. Mihai on March 6, at 2: Connected to ground 3 Emitter Emitter pin of transistor. Using the PC IC is pretty much straight forward, we just have to connect the anode pin of the IR LED pin 1 to the logic input which has to be isolated and the cathode pin 2 of the IR led to the ground.

The Emitter pin 4 is grounded.

PC (EL) [] : Sunrom Electronics/Technologies

I use analog ohmmeter with 2 internal batteries, 3V to turn on LED pins 1 and 2and digital V-metar on diode tester mode on transistor side. Mohamed on October 9, at 9: With no voltage applied to the LED pins 1 and 2and with an open base pin 6there should be a high resistance between pins 5 and 4.

The LED is basically a diode, and it should not conduct both ways not get values on the meter both ways. Step 2 If optocouplee LED is good then we should check the phototransistor, you could measure it with the ohmmeter just like the LED between pins 3 and 4 the emitter and collectorand you should get a high resistance value both ways if the phototransistor is good.


When Firefox stops working, you fire up Chrome.

This is where the isolation occurs. What if there is photo-Triac instead of Photo-transistor, How to test then? Good design is as little design as possible. Sarfaraz on November 8, at 9: Mihai on March 18, at Geert Van Droogenbroeck on November 18, at Mihai on February 6, at Connected to Ground 4 Collector Collector pin of the Transistor.

Nupra on March 18, at 6: The purpose of an optocoupler is to transfer signals from one circuit to another yet keep them galvanically isolated. Another important parameter to consider while using an Optocoupleris the rise time t r and fall time t f.

PC817 (EL817)

Hi, maybe a stupid question: TL — Programmable Reference Voltage. Here is the web site.

I only have a digital multi meter. For response time or frequency response data, check the datasheet. More details can be found at the PC datasheet which is available for download at the end of this page. Shahid on August 7, at 1: First of optocoupoer thanks for sharing such an useful information.

How to test an optocoupler – AntiMath

Thx and best regards, Geert. Mihai on February 2, at 5: Mihai on July 19, at 3: Mihai on July 16, at 5: If you opfocoupler a value either way or no value at all, then certainly there is optkcoupler problem with the LED, and you should find another optocoupler. Pls let me know. For the triac pins 4 and datwsheetwith no voltage applied to the LED pins 1, 2check with an ohmmeter the resistance between pins 4 and 6, it should be high open circuit or at least greater than 1 megohm both ways, and this resistance should go down lower than ohms when voltage is applied to the LED, and should remain low even if the voltage is no longer present on the LED.


The ground line of the IR LED pin 2 and the ground line of the optocouplee pin 4 will not be connected together. I appriciate… I tried that emprical method for H11B1 optocoupler.

The below waveform shows the time taken for the output to transit from one state to another. The digital signal given to the IR LED will be reflected on the transistor but there will be no hard electrical connection between the two. Hi, Both methods are correct. Please correct the pin numbers in image. Arvind Vijaykumar on June 1, at Mihai on November 20, at 1: Sanu sebastian on August 19, at