AFMAN 91-201 PDF

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The provisions of this Manual apply: Whenever any explosives, propellant, or similar Hazard Class 1 energetic materials or other ammunition items in Classes 2. References for ammunition and explosive licenses. AFMAN , Explosives. Safety Standards. AR , Physical Security of. Ammunition and Explosives. NOTE: IAW DA PAM , Army Explosives. Safety Standards and AFMAN , Air Force. Explosives Standards annual review of the EFL.

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Are personnel handling and grounding requirements met and included in written instructions if electro-explosives devices are stored at licensed locations? Are personnel conducting tests familiar with the location of test points and the relationship between various components of the system being tested? Comments containing language or concepts that could be deemed offensive will be deleted. This comment policy is subject to change at anytime.

Placard loaded vehicles in between on each side.

Key Points The government will be deploying 25, security forces and is. Links to non-relevant content are not allowed and will be removed or the comment deleted. The mishap prevention program is in place to support a Safety Management System for all personnel, both civil and military. Is the lightning protection system LPS visually and physically inspected?

Locally written instructions are not required for EOD emergency operations in connection with approved render safe procedures. Are individuals aware of mishap reporting procedures and how to identify and report hazardous conditions that place Air force personnel or property at risk? Are personnel from the testing agency familiar with lightning protection systems? Is at least one fire extinguisher available for each item of powered material handling equipment used to handle AE?


Do personnel maintain a safe distance when using modern mobile emitters around electro-explosive devices EEDs? Are signs posted to prohibit smoking within 50 feet?

AF Manual 91-201, Explosives Safety Standards

Is the destruction point at least feet from all above-ground facilities including public highways, base boundaries, runways, taxiways, parking aprons and any PES? No horseplay while on the range or while handling weapons. When qualified safety personnel identify hazards, assign RACs as applicable.

Are locally written instructions coordinated with the weapons safety office and all other involved organizations? Similar Templates View All.

Locally written instructions containing personnel limits will suffice in lieu of posting. Manager for Ammunition, or the U. Are personnel who work with explosives qualified in the tasks to be performed? Are the backings for fire symbol decals the shape of the decal and made from non-combustible material?

Weapons Safety Annual Assessment Checklist – SafetyCulture

This minimum distance of ft may be reduced to 50 ft if the PES is of non-combustible construction; a barrier sufficient to prevent the vehicle from rolling within 50 ft of the PES is located between the POV parking spaces and the PES.

Flightline Munitions Holding Area. We have now brought them into the technical library. Is an operating instruction approved for minimum essential personnel and limited quantities of HD 1.

17 – AFMAN 91-201 Flashcards Preview

Dogs as a Management Tool. Are explosives loaded vehicles and material handling equipment MHE chocked when parked and driver is not behind the wheel?


Are vehicles used for transportation of explosives properly placarded? Does the explosives operation meet the cardinal principle of explosive safety? Is the floor area below the clearing zone covered by rubber or other resilient matting to help prevent damage or primer detonation of a dropped round? Are only trained personnel under the supervision of an individual who understands the hazards and risks involved in the operation allowed to handle explosives?

Are operating limits HD and NEWQD limits clearly posted at explosives operating locations for the operation being conducted, if less than the authorized explosives limits? Are explosive limits posted to ensure authorizations are not exceeded? Changes in BWC, authorized tools of use, and individuals authorized to work in bird mitigation are covered.

Do not handle weapons while personnel are down range. Cubic begins equipping more Fs with integrated air combat training system.

USAF-AFMANNOV : Abbott Aerospace SEZC Ltd.

National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces. Explosives Safety Manual to provide direction for protecting its personnel If less than a single shipping package must be transported, are the explosives packed separately from other items in enclosed, clearly marked metal or wooden containers?

Is the barricade equivalent of two sandbags thick and at least 6 feet high? Receive monthly updates on new spreadsheets, additions to the Technical Library, Market News and Information, exclusive content and more.