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Examples and Tutorials for AquaLogic Service Bus™ These examples offer several approaches to learning about and working with AquaLogic Service Bus. BEA AquaLogic Service Bus Tutorials Illustrates how to use the AquaLogic Service Bus to do routing, transformation and to create proxy services that interact. Weblogic – Aqualogic Service Bus – EAI – Part 1 This blog is to gather my learnings and understandings about Weblogic(WL)’s Aqualogic.

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After you complete the steps required to set up the tutorials, you are ready to proceed to Tutorial 1. The tutorials are based on a mortgage broker scenario describing a typical loan application process. A primary mortgage company receives a loan application. Locate the script file aqualoguc for your aqualotic system in the following directory: This section describes how to configure the WS-Callout action to send the loan application to the CreditRatingService business service, which returns the credit rating of an applicant.

>Examples and Tutorials for AquaLogic Service Bus

This step includes the following tasks:. The structure of the loan request document is displayed. The body context variable holds the body of the message. Email required Address never made public. Enter inputparam in the variable text box. You will learn how to configure and use AquaLogic Service Bus to resolve the business scenarios presented in the specified use cases.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. A graphical representation of the body element in the incoming message is displayed in the Message Context Variables pane. It is good practice is to validate your expressions before submitting them. Using XQuery programming, literally, all request data or parameters could be modified.

To change the routing behavior of AquaLogic Service Bus, you must edit the build. On Windows systems, from the Windows Start menu select: In the tutorials, you will use the console to create the proxy service that will interact with the service client and business services. In the examples directory, on the command line, run the following command: This directory has two subdirectories: The message returned in the command window after running a test indicates the success or failure of the test and identifies the business service that processed the request.


Transforming a Loan Application describes how to configure your existing AquaLogic Service Bus configuration to address the new requirement of adding a transformation stage. Using the tutorials will:. In the command window, ensure that you have run the setenv script, as described in To Run the setEnv Script.

Installing Oracle Service Bus 10gR3 on Mac Os X

The request pipeline definition specifies the actions that AquaLogic Service Bus performs on request messages to the proxy service before invoking a business service or another proxy service. They can be accessed or modified by actions in the pipeline stages. With AquaLogic Service Bus message brokering, service clients exchange messages with an intermediary proxy service rather than working directly with a business service.

Please note, in ASLB console each time as you modify setting, they are created as sessions. Business services are remote services or external endpoints that are typically not implemented by the AquaLogic Service Bus server. See how AquaLogic Service Bus handles session management to allow configuration changes to happen locally, and then when vus, to instantiate the changes in the core environment.

Ttutorial example, consider a case, where you have web service, is contacted by two different vendors clients with two different XML requests. Provide the basic steps that will help you to configure specific scenarios. The AquaLogic Service Bus Console is comprised of JSP-based portlets that support the configuration and design of the proxy service message flows and the associated resources.

This is the AquaLogic Service Bus proxy service. After you start the WebLogic server, you must run the build script to perform the following tasks:.

The response pipeline definition specifies the processing that AquaLogic Service Bus performs on responses from the aquaogic or proxy service that the proxy service invokes servicr returning a response to a client. Navigate to the following directory: The setEnv script contains the path to the setDomainEnv. In the variable text box, enter body.


In this tutorial, you configure the transformation and replace the namespaces in the Route node. As you work through the tutorial, you will:. From the Operation menu, select processLoanApp. See how message processing by AquaLogic Service Bus is driven by metadata specified as the message flow definition for a proxy service in the AquaLogic Service Bus Console. This article has multiple issues. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

In this scenario, it is better practice to add a single transformation to a request pipeline rather than configure five identical sets of transformations for each routing configuration in each route node. The tutorial files contain properties that you must set to run the tutorials.

The AquaLogic Service Bus Console enables you to configure a proxy service specific to your needs and to manage your Web services by controlling the service and policy configurations and by monitoring system and operations tasks. If there are errors in the expression, they are displayed directly above the Validate button. The next step describes how to configure the response actions for the LoanGateway2 proxy service. Complete the following steps to design and configure the proxy service and the associated resources in AquaLogic Service Bus to resolve this user case scenario:.

CreditRating in variable body.

The Project Explorer pane is opened in the navigation panel and a project page asualogic displayed in the console. Go to next page to save the settings.

It is used to resolve differences in requirements between business services and service clients. The following figure illustrates the functional components of AquaLogic Service Bus.