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ACTIVE. Operating Instructions. Frequency Inverter V / V. kW. BONFIGLIOLI VECTRON recommends the connection of the device to mains volt . for industrial field. Bonfiglioli Vectron delivers products and services for completely integrated inverter solutions. These solutions complement Bonfiglioli’s power. BACK TO BONFIGLIOLI. ACTIVE and ACTIVE Cube Installation manual – Feed -through mounting Frequency Inverter V / V kW. ACTIVE und ACTIVE Cube Installations anleitung – Durchsteckmontage Frequenzumrichter V.

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Parallel shaft Gearmotors S Series DC 5…12 V ground Connect a maximum load of 2 W! The display of inputs Digital inputs hardware Digital outputs the digital input signals enables checking of the various control signals and their as- signment to the corresponding software functions, in particular during commissioning.

Non-compliance with the precaution described may result in death, serious injury or material damage.

The parameter value is adjusted by the SETUP routine if a control method for a synchronous machine is selected for parameter Configuration This parameter cannot be written when the frequency inverter is in operation. The sources existing in this way can be used in the frequency inverter via bonfiflioli local input links for the data targets. Example Parameters Settings Description Min.

Automatic storage Door drives, lift, slide drives. I may revoke my declaration of consent at any time to the company for future marketing communications by writing to corporatemkt bonfiglioli.


Bonfiglioli Active Cube User Manual

Reference truck not found. Parameters Settings Description Min. Vectroon Shaft Revolutions Installation Installation General The mechanical and electrical installation of the EM-ABS extension module must be carried out by qualified personnel according to the general and regional safety and installation directives.

Checking The Settings 6. Page 39 With the example values, the following results are obtained: Depending on the consumers connected, there are different encoder power supply possibilities or requirements. Industrial cranes Gantry cranes.

Error messages and repair 00 Motor temperature too high or temperature evaluation connection defec- tive. Factory set- ting Abs.

Chilling, freezing line Spiral freezer. If a frequency inverter has been defined as a system bus master, the latter must generate the SYNC telegram. Power supply Depending on the power demand of the encoder, you can connect an external power supply to terminals XA.

Active Series

In the basic setting, rotary encoder 1 is used as the source of actual speed. A thermal sensor for the brake resistor protects the resistor from overheating.

Thus, using the sense line is not required in the case of Hiperface encoders. When the position controlled is deactivated, rounding errors may result in a minor continuous increase in the contouring error.

The broad support for various field bus systems and the standardized interface for motion control applications make Active Cube an excellent jack of all trades for your application needs. Information On Use 2.


Key features Field-oriented control with or without encoder. The power filters are a component to improve EMC behavior in a machine installation. Resolver input, encoder emulation output 3 channels1 analog input Optional PC software VPlus for Windows vectrron setup, terminal monitor, actual value window, and scope function Accessories: The maximum telegram run time of the PDOs is thus stipulated via the set baud rate.

Sampling interval Page – Example Page – Instructions on positioning configurati Vertical conveying Bucket elevator. Motor Shaft Revolutions 65 For application encoders, a gear transmission between the application encoder and motor must be parameterized via a gear factor see chapter 8.

Page 78 Page 79 – Ancillaries Page 80 – Definition of the communication relation One of the four linear vecrton of characteristic is selected for the signal adaptation for the analog input signal via parameter Definition Of The Communication Relationships 7.

Active Series : Bonfiglioli

Many encoders use one or more bits for error signaling. Transport and Storage The frequency inverters must bonfiglooli transported and stored in an appropriate way. Baud-Rate Operation mode Function List of parameters The parameter list is structured according to the menu branches of the control unit. The planning of the system bus is done in three steps: