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The vendor is undaunted despite revealing that Comcast will look booted from Comcast’s Next-Generation on Demand (NGOD) architecture. Services Architecture (ISA) and the Comcast-led Next Generation on Demand ( NGOD) architecture, which are used throughout the industry. innovator in the universal edge resource management (UERM) category, stated that it support both Comcast’s next-generation on-demand (NGOD) and Time.

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Table 12 — ActionLink Element If present, one and only one of the attributes must be present. Another architectural model for resource allocation is one in which the resource managers themselves arbitrate the set of resources to be used for the session.

Spaces in the name are represented with underscores, e. The contents of this document are Comcast Confidential and Proprietary and may not be distributed or otherwise disclosed without prior written permission of Comcast.

These referenced documents may contain requirements that are explicitly included in this document; however, no requirements in these documents will be implicitly included in this document.

This flow is simplified in the sense that each resource manager picks a single resource to use for the session. Use 1 1 1 July 31, ? See the Annex A for the definition of the RatingControl element.

This is required to support existing Ngov and will eventually be phased out. When the resource selector picks a particular resource to use for the session, the resource manager commits that resource and frees the others for use in other resource requests.



This may be done at an info screen or a final buy screen. Figure 9 shows an example of where all resources are allocated in parallel by a simultaneous set up setup requests 1. The 2 state machines are the protocol state machine and the application state machine.

Table 46 — AddSavedProgram Request Necessary parameter values are provided in the Parameter Element. The provider id of the preview asset if applicable. If the Session Manager finds that a set of resources obtained from resource managers does not work, it must keep trying until it gets a compatible set of resources from the resource managers.

SRM_Architecture (NGOD ) – External_百度文库

This can occur due to lost protocol messages or other errors. This is an indication that this asset can be played on more than one set top in this account at the same time. Either account or deviceID must be provided Use nvod Locality is a deprecated construct; it is intended that it be superseded by the zip code of the subscriber’s service location.

A semi-colon separated list of indicators of various characteristics of this title and subscriber: In the NGOD architecture, the Session Manager manages all interactions between session gnod and resource allocation signaling.

Concurrent is taking the hit in stride, holding that what it won’t get with Comcast, it can make up via other VOD growth opportunities in North America, as well as budding markets in Europe and Asia.


For example if you ngoc not run the system near the edge, comcazt probability of failure is extreme low. Title in Active Rentals “B”: It also describes the bandwidth availability protocol which is used by resource managers in the threaded architecture or by the Session Manager in the threaded architecture to obtain information about the connectivity and available bandwidth of the IP transport network.

Concurrent Not in Comcast’s VOD Future

A Starting at the client one could walk the graph down in parallel to the video servers and lock all potential resources on the way. If a title is not returnable to a subscriber not available on server, not within a visibility interval, blacked out Below is an example an UpsellOffer. Table 36 — SearchValidate Response Table 34 — DeleteSavedProgram Request The order that resource managers must be contacted is opposite of the order that the MPEG stream flows through the data plane components.

Added element GlobalAlias to SelectableItem. Table 44 — ValidatePlayEligibility request One or both of these attributes must be included if the RatingControl element is included. Text to be displayed if the user completes the transaction to purchase the package.