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The Third Chimpanzee has ratings and reviews. Chuck said: Another great book from Jared Diamond. I found this to be just as engaging as Guns. Diamond, Jared. The rise and fall of the third chimpanzee. I. Title. ISBN 0- Photoset by Speedset Ltd, Ellesmere Port. Printed and bound in. The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal, published in , was the first of my six books written for the general public. I look back.

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Also, the category of “art” that Diamond holds up as his “see, they can produce art” in fact defines itself as “anti-figurative aesthetic,” meaning art that tries to look like nothing in order to symbolize emotion. Part one deals with the similarity between humans and chimpanzees.

The elite became healthier, but at the expense of the majority who became worse off. Mar 30, Nola rated it liked it. Small population, but humans didn’t go extinct on Easter Island.

Chapter 1 – Our ancestors diverged from other apes around 7 million years ago. Were you a visitor to Earth from outer space, you’d want a handbook about the dominant kind of life on the planet.

In answering these questions, Diamond a professor in the fields of physiology and geography applies a variety of biological and anthropological arguments to reject traditional hegemonic views that the dominant peoples came from “superior” genetic stock and argues instead that those peoples who came to dominate others did so because of advantages found in their local environment which allowed them to develop larger populations, wider immunities to disease, and superior technologies for agriculture and warfare.

The tricky thing is, you just have to make good arguments in those other fields. As early as when The Third Chimpanzee is publishedDiamond succinctly summarizes chimpansee risk.

For instance, it may not have been an accident jaeed Plato and Aristotle wrote in Greek, while Kant wrote in German. Evolution and Human Life. The grammatical particles of those two languages, plus their ease in forming compound words, may have helped make them the preeminent languages of western philosophy.


That entire chapter seemed like a 10th grade paper: Chapter 6 – Racial variation can be explained only partly by natural selection correlation between skin darkness and latitude – which is nevertheless noisy ; but it is also probably due largely to sexual selection which results from the mating preferences reviewed in the previous chapter.

It is iared meaningless to speak of an absolute, context-free, phenotypic effect of a given gene. And yet I still learned a ton.

The life history of humans is remarkably different from that of all other mammals in number of offspring, menopause and length of life. Chapter 7 – Body is like a car. The first two chapters of The Third Chimpanzee suggest what those decisive small differences might be. To be fair, he also mentions Native American tribes that used drug enemas, but still.

I think Diamond plays the doom and gloom card to heavily. Another amazing fact is that since humanity emerged in Africa a million years ago, until about 15, years ago there was not a single human being living in North or South America. Diamond dedicates the last chapter to anthropogenic mass extinction without using the word “Holocene”, which Chimpanzfe found strange.

The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal

Books by Jared Diamond. Our propensity to become drug and alcohol addicted stems only from our access to drugs and alcohol. Why is Sex Fun? The evolutionary reasoning is this: Then in came a phone call that changed my life.

The author did a lot of research on New Guinea, and talks extensively about it. Now the question arises, what does it mean to say thirf is a genetic component to the difference, in common parlance that there is a gene or genes ‘for’ homosexuality?


It may be that the phenotype which we are trying to explain did not even exist in some earlier environment, even though the gene did then exist. I’m giving it four stars instead of five only because from the vantage of its age shows, mainly in the absence chimpanzeee some information learned since it was written about the Neanderthals and the similar but then-unknown Denisovan people – specifically, the presence of small amounts of Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA in the modern human gene pool – and in the absence of that knowledge, the author makes some assumptions about our history with those other peoples that are incomplete at be Excellent.

But he fell diamobd it more than five times.

The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal by Jared Diamond

Art, which I would define as the soul expressing itself in reality, is a uniquely human endeavor. It’s like they feel guilty about being white and going to good prep schools. Chapter 15 – Diamon evolves over time, and languages diverge to become mutually hared when a group becomes isolated, just like speciation.

He states that “Now, let’s test my theory SETI will take immense patience. Worst of all, he presents issues of natural and sexual selection from the species and even the group point of view. That says a lot about the scope and ambition of Third Chimpanzee. Thid sometimes kinda relied on personal anecdotes–mostly from his New Guinea friends–and broad generalizations instead of facts.

I was shocked, and I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt only because we have learned very much about the abundance of habitable planets in the universe since